Teacher Information

Name: Neill J. Chaffin
School: Classen School of Advanced Studies
Classes: Spanish I & II, English III
Classroom Phone: 587-5585

About The Teacher:

Neill Chaffin is a 37-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Public Schools. He has a B.A. from Oklahoma City University and is an army veteran. He is endorsed to teach Spanish, grammar and composition, newspaper, yearbook, and world literature. He has taught at Classen School of Advanced Studies since its inception. Previously, he taught at Hoover Middle School, Eisenhower Middle School, and U.S. Grant High School. He is 63 years old and has a 34-year-old son, Christopher, who lives in Long Beach, California, where he is a Doctoral graduate student in Psychology and a member of MENSA.

Mr. Chaffin lives at 2001 S. MacArthur, Lot 206, Oklahoma City, Ok, 73128.
His home telephone is 688-5685.
He can also be reached at NJCHAFFIN@OKCPS.ORG.

Mr. Chaffin collects and works on clocks, builds clock cases, and collects Middle Eastern folk art and handicrafts. His favorite artists are Maxfield Parrish and Edmund DuLac. His favorite kinds of music are Celtic, Middle Eastern, and classic rock and roll. He is a published poet. He is seriously addicted to crossword puzzles and cryptograms.

Mission For The Class:

The mission for Mr. Chaffin’s Spanish classes is simply to learn as much about the Spanish language and its foundations as humanly possible during the allotted time. The mission for Mr. Chaffin’s English classes is to do the same thing…but in English.