Class Rules

Students are expected to:

    1. Come to class with all necessary materials and supplies and with completed homework.
    2. Be on time, be seated, be prepared for the day’s lesson and begin work promptly.
    3. Pay attention to the teacher at all times and take notes over important points.
    4. Be polite and considerate of others, to me, and to visitors.
    5. Obey all school and classroom rules and follow directions promptly.
    6. Leave electronic devices, grooming supplies, and other distractions put away.
    7. Comply with the dress code.
    8. Pay attention and ask questions when you don’t understand.
    9. See me after class with any complaints or concerns.

If a student fails to do these things, the following steps will be taken:

    1. First time:             verbal warning
    2. Second time:       contact parent
    3. Third time:            detention
    4. Fourth time:         referral to vice-principal

FOR ANY SEVERE OFFENSE (see the student handbook) a written referral to the vice-principal will be made.